About Us

About Us


At Equity Launchpad, we are industry leaders in M&A operations and advisory services, providing a comprehensive range of M&A private equity investment opportunities and expert guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs. With extensive experience in acquiring, scaling, investing, and selling profitable businesses in the lower to middle market, our team is dedicated to identifying robust M&A private equity opportunities by leveraging our resources. Additionally, we actively collaborate with owners and entrepreneurs seeking to acquire lucrative businesses, offering them comprehensive consulting services to ensure their success. Our commitment is to drive success and maximize opportunities for both investors and our partners.

We Provide Investment Opportunities

At Equity Launchpad, we are dedicated to connecting investors with strong and lucrative investment opportunities. Our team diligently underwrites and vets businesses to ensure that we only present the best options to our investors. If you’re an investor seeking profitable opportunities, get in touch with us today to explore our open offerings.

We Consult On Buying and Scaling Your

Equity Launchpad provides invaluable partnership and guidance to help you navigate the process of purchasing and scaling a business. Working alongside our highly skilled team of advisors, we will support you throughout the entire acquisition journey, from the initial search to the final closing to scaling your business and preparing for sale.

We Consult On Selling Your

Equity Launchpad is the partner you need if you want to profitably exit your company while withholding your legacy. We work with business owners to provide a clear pathway to exit that ensures the future success of their business and employees. 


What We Do For Investors

We offer strong investment opportunities in the lower to middle market

We Identify Great Investment Opportunities

At Equity Launchpad, we utilize our extensive industry expertise and connections to identify promising opportunities and thoroughly assess businesses for investment in the lower to middle market. Once a potential opportunity meets our rigorous underwriting criteria, we provide our investors with passive investment opportunities.

We Operate & Scale

After successfully acquiring the business, Equity Launchpad will leverage our expertise in marketing, sales, operations, human resources, and IT to enhance its overall performance. Our primary focus is to add value and streamline operations, enabling the business to achieve greater success, profitability, and ultimately increase its valuation.

We Sell & Distribute Profits To Investors

We are committed to providing a clear and well-defined pathway to exit, assuring the future success of the business and the well-being of employees. Throughout the hold of the business, our team of experts identifies the best time to sell that will deliver our investors an optimal return on investment that aligns with our projections.


Our M&A Business Consulting Services

Here's what we offer

At Equity Launchpad, we are dedicated investors committed to providing our clients with strong returns on their capital. But that’s not all – we go beyond traditional investment services. We specialize in offering comprehensive consulting services to entrepreneurs looking to acquire businesses in the lower middle market, as well as owners aiming to sell at maximum value.

With our team of experienced professionals by your side, we guide you through the entire process from start to finish. From sourcing lucrative deals to skillfully negotiating and closing transactions, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise and extensive industry knowledge ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to succeed in your business acquisition endeavors.

Whether you’re a mid-career corporate executive, a fresh business school graduate, a seasoned business owner, or an investor looking for lucrative opportunities, Equity Launchpad is your preferred partner in lower-middle market mergers and acquisitions.