In this episode, our guest Shawn Allard shares his recent experience acquiring Novel Ice Cream in Phoenix, AZ. Despite initial reservations about entering the food & beverage industry, Shawn’s journey illustrates the value of seizing lucrative opportunities and approaching each business on its individual merits.  

In this podcast episode, we discuss:  

Importance of Branding and Marketing for SMB 

  • Shawn emphasizes the significance of branding and marketing in the success of a small business, shedding light on the local brand awareness and loyal customer base that set Novel Ice Cream apart. 

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis 

  • The conversation delves into the mindset of a first-time acquirer, highlighting the need to avoid overthinking and take decisive action when pursuing business opportunities. 

Working with and Vetting Sellers 

  • Shawn provides insights into the process of working with and vetting sellers, offering valuable advice for individuals entering the world of mergers and acquisitions. 

Personal Guarantees in M&A 

  • The episode touches upon the topic of personal guarantees in mergers and acquisitions, providing a nuanced perspective on this aspect of business transactions. 

Scaling & Expansion As a First Time Acquirer 

  • The discussion concludes with an exploration of the potential for what expansion looks like, and his next steps of an M&A acquirer. 

Join us as we delve into Shawn Allard’s insightful journey of acquiring Novel Ice Cream, uncovering valuable lessons for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. 

You can connect with Shawn Allard Twitter: @shawnwallard