At Equity Launchpad, we are dedicated to connecting investors with strong and lucrative investment opportunities. Our team diligently underwrites and vets businesses to ensure that we only present the best options to our investors. If you’re an investor seeking profitable opportunities, get in touch with us today to explore our open offerings.

Buy and Scale Your

Equity Launchpad provides invaluable partnership and guidance to help you navigate the process of purchasing and scaling a business. Working alongside our highly skilled team of advisors, we will support you throughout the entire acquisition journey, from the initial search to the final closing to scaling your business and preparing for sale.

Sell Your

Equity Launchpad is the partner you need if you want to profitably exit your company while withholding your legacy. We work with business owners to provide a clear pathway to exit that ensures the future success of their business and employees. 


What We Do

At Equity Launchpad, we are industry leaders in M&A operations and advisory services, providing a comprehensive range of M&A private equity investment opportunities and expert guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs. With extensive experience in acquiring, scaling, investing, and selling profitable businesses in the lower to middle market, our team is dedicated to identifying robust M&A private equity opportunities by leveraging our resources. Additionally, we actively collaborate with owners and entrepreneurs seeking to acquire lucrative businesses, offering them comprehensive consulting services to ensure their success. Our commitment is to drive success and maximize opportunities for both investors and our partners.

Services We Provide

Buy, Sell, Or Invest With Equity Launchpad

Investment Opportunities

Equity Launchpad excels in both operating and consulting roles. As operators, we acquire businesses with proven profitability, ensuring attractive investment opportunities for our valued investors. 

Vetting Deals

Our team goes above and beyond to thoroughly underwrite deals for our clients, ensuring that investment risks are minimized.


At Equity Launchpad, we excel in conducting negotiations and crafting the most favorable deal terms for our clients.


Financing & Raising Capital

We specialize in structuring the financing of deals and providing assistance in raising private capital for our clients’ acquisitions. Our expertise ensures that our clients have access to the necessary funding to successfully complete their acquisitions


We guide our clients every step of the way through the closing process, ensuring a seamless execution of the deal and a smooth transition in taking over the business.


 We continue to support our clients post-closing with guidance on critical areas such as operations, sales & marketing, technology, staffing, and more.

There has never been a better time in history to buy a company that is already profitable. 

Buyout opportunities by the numbers
4 million of businesses are worth 10 trillion will transition over the next 10 years
50 Million baby boomers will retire over the next 10 years. 24% of those baby boomers own businesses.
20% of businesses that go to market end up selling.